Timeless Moments Captured (TMC) is a photography company based on the creativity of our director Gurjit Badal and his passion for shooting life’s precious moments. Gurjit is well rehearsed in the foundations of photography and considers himself to be a photographic storyteller rather than just a photographer.

Photography started off as a hobby for Gurjit when he was given an 9mm camera at a young age. His ability to capture unique angles and aspects of an event led him to a web development job where he assisted on the facilitation of rich picture content. Gurjit quickly realized the importance of images in conveying the appropriate message or theme, and truly believes that a picture speaks a thousand words. This opportunity allowed him to utilize his keen eye for understanding the various perspectives of an event and develop a style for his art. Gurjit believes that the photography for an event should unfold like a well written novel.

Tmc Images

Tmc Images

The company:

Our company name encapsulates the essence of our business philosophy. We believe that each moment deserves a unique perspective captured in a way which remains timeless.

Timeless” references to the priceless nature of images which transcend time and fashion to remain age less.

Moments“: In our lifetimes we go through specific events which define our lives . We believe that documenting these moments well are important to re-live past memories.

Captured“: Our professionals are highly trained in the Art of photography and graphic imagery. Using state of the art equipment we are capable of capturing such timeless moments and enhancing them through the editing process.

Our Motto is to maintain a level of professionalism and punctuality throughout the whole creative process:

Idea conception > Event capturing > Creative editing > Final package distribution.